What is Tree Surgery?

What is Tree Surgery?

Many of you who first encounter the term “Tree Surgery” will surely wonder what it is. Do they perform ‘surgery’ to trees? What exactly this tree surgery stuff is?

Tree Surgery is basically performed and should only be performed by expert tree surgeons. You read it right. We have the so-called tree surgeons, formally known as arborist or arboriculturists. In simple terms, they are those professional guys who help farm owners and gardeners who had trees to take proper care. They help maintain the proper look of the external landscape. They are trained individuals who are usually found on the branches of trees, trimming or pruning them. They focus on the safety and health of individual trees and plants instead of managing forest of harvesting wood.

Tree Surgery Definition

In most cases, trees are relatively low maintenance. They can grow to full height without help from anyone. All they need is rain, sun and soil. However, there are also times when this independent trees should be treated and saved. On this concern, tree surgeons are the specialists to contact. They are usually called for to save trees which are in risk of dying or when the trees are bringing in problems to people around.

Usually, arborists use numerous different techniques such as crow trimming, crow reduction, tree felling or pruning. The technique used usually varies depending on the desired result. For example, if you wish to let more sunlight to your garden, then crow reduction and pruning can be done. Crow reduction refers to the trimming of tree’s canopy while maintaining its shape. Generally, arborist analyses first the tree’s condition then find the best possible solution. They can determine what’s needed to remove the dead branches and promote healthy branch growth. They can also help when the tree or its branches is blocking access or getting twisted with some aerial cables.

Perks of Tree Surgery Services

Trees within our premises should be taken care of to ensure that they’ll grow and live for years to come. But Tree surgery isn’t for enthusiastic amateurs nor for DIY enthusiasts. You should seek help from the professionals. Through which you can gain the following perks:

  1. Experience- whether you wish to remove the entire tree from your premises or just need few stump ground-down, then you should better not to do the task yourself because it’s simply dangerous. Professionals simply know what to do.
  2. Knowledge- Professionals fully grasp the nature of plants and trees as well as its diseases. They know what the best possible solution for your tree problem.
  3. Safety- You probably have heard terrifying stories about unfortunate instances where DIY enthusiasts have been severely injured or even died because of falling down from trees. This is inevitable but professionals follow safety precautions.
  4. Cost effectiveness- Although hiring trees surgeon may cost you some bucks, they can still save you money in the long run. They can spot probable problem on trees before the damage goes into high degree.

Trees are beautiful and wondering creation and you are very fortunate if there are trees growing within your property. Give them the care and attention they deserve.

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