Ways of Tree Removal

Ways of Tree Removal

Removing trees can be done by a lot of us, but with Birmingham tree surgeons, we can assure you that we do it as best as we can. Giving this information to you will let you know how it is done and why you cannot do it by yourself. With us, all you have to do is to relax and feel free your weekends.  To let you know how we work, here are the things we do:

The process behind the success of tree removal

  • The first thing that we do is to conduct an inspection. This encompasses of inspecting the whole environment and the tree itself. Our arborist will look for any kinds of obstacle that may affect by the tree removal process and the structure that may be affected. Aside from these, they will also determine if the trees have signs of diseases, deterioration and corrosion. With all of these things, they (our arborist) can be able to ascertain the level of difficulty once they conduct tree removal.

During the step, our tree surgeon will also look on the lean of the tree because for your information when the tree falls it is likely the same direction. This should be done for them to be able to do possible solutions during emergencies.

  • Cutting or removing the tree. Our tree surgeon will utilize various types of tools but it will depend on the size of the tree. The bigger the tree, the bigger the equipment. If the tree you want to remove is bigger, they use heavy duty chainsaws and tree cutters which they find more effective and useful.

In cutting small trees, they make use of a basic hand saw. It is likewise a great material that will make the job convenient and fast.

  • Stump removal. In removing the stump, first thing that should be done is to remove the branches and leaves of trees so that it will be hassle free. The first option that our tree surgeons do is to dig the tree stump wherein this is very time consuming and requires a hard labor. However, it is a good technique for stubborn roots. The materials that our tree surgeons use are the following: spades, pricks, or pruning saws. The second option does not have a harder labor. This is using of chemicals that will make stump decomposition faster. They do it by pouring the chemicals to the stump itself.

You can use chemicals that are available in the market but we want you to know that it takes a long period of time for the stump to decompose so we want you to try our approved product that will create a speedy decomposition. This is one reason why our Birmingham tree surgeons want by all of our customers.

Since you know already how we work, you now have an idea how we make excellent services. By the way, our tree services have a low tree stump removal cost, so with us we are sure enough to provide quality service.

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